Taking care of your past, present and future

Dealing with the red tape

You can’t avoid it, but we can make it painless for you. With Harland, you’re more than just compliant with HMRC and Companies House: through rigorous analysis and deep knowledge of tax law, we ensure the impact on your bottom line is maximised. At the same time, business disruption is minimised as the accounts team do their work. When it comes to the necessities, the end result is always the same – you’ll never pay more tax than you owe.

Effortless year end accounts

… and in good time too so they are as current and useful to you as possible. They’ll tell a story, they may help you to make decisions. Either way, you’ll be getting on with running your business.

Company secretarial

You’ll be familiar with the annual return. You might need to register a new director, perhaps somebody moves house, you want to change your accounting date or transfer shares. We can help with this and more.

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Efficient yet compliant tax

What is good tax advice? It’s a given that good tax advice is compliant with HMRC and we believe that tax is vital to the blood flow of the UK economy to pay for the services that we all depend upon.

We also believe however that no-one should pay more than their fair share and and our Chartered Tax Advisors will make sure that you don’t.

  • Personal tax
  • Business & corporation tax
  • Family tax planning
  • Inheritance tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Land & property tax

Let Harland sort out your legal obligations.

Audit & assurance

Sometimes, you need to go that bit further to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Either because your business size demands it or perhaps you operate within a regulated industry. Or you may be a charity, council or social enterprise.

Our audit & assurance team make sure it’s a smooth process that minimises disruption for your team, as well as ensuring that we conduct ourselves with the high standards that you would expect from professional registered auditors.

Alternatively, you might just want that little bit of extra assurance, in which case our bespoke assurance programme can be designed with your objectives in mind.

Ask about our audit services.

Making a difference every day

Once you know a top team of growth accountants have your back, you suddenly find the freedom and the mental space to drive your business forward. Because outsourcing the hard work to Harlands does more than offload the financial chores. We take time to understand your values and standards and we use your accounts data to spot trends and opportunities. With our support, you’re always well prepared for critical day-to-day decisions.

Book-keeping, VAT & Payroll

Every day tasks where accuracy and timeliness is critical. We make sure that you keep on top your book-keeping, smoothly and without surprises. We’ll keep it in the cloud so that you can tap in and see your data too. Our payroll service ensures that you don’t incur filing penalties and that you meet your auto-enrolment pension obligations.

Real-time business control

Do you want to be armed and ready to make effective decisions and take a firm control today? We can help by using a combination of tools from our tool kit.

Management accounts

Monthly or quarterly management accounts will support you with this and we’ll make sure that you understand what they mean in the real world.

Tax investigation support

It’s not pleasant when HMRC ask questions. We’ll be by your side, give you guidance, liaise with them on your behalf and show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ready to get started?

Planning for growth

Everyone gets growing pains. But steering your business through expansion doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right growth accounting guidance you can get where you want to go faster, find new routes to profitable markets or even discover sources of income you may not have considered on your own. Harland can give you the tools and hands-on experience to keep you one step ahead of your competition and constantly in control. Imagine anticipating events with excitement, rather than reacting to them in a rush. Futureproof your business for what lies ahead – and start enjoying what you do.

Cash flow, budgets & forecasts

Your road map for success. We’ll get you started and stay with you every step of the way. Your eyes and ears. Want to change tack? No problem. Nothing is set in stone.

Mergers and acquisitions

Sometimes the only way to grow is to join forces and create synergy. There will be negotiations and deals. We’ll be on hand to advise.

Sourcing finance
Tax planning

Effective tax planning is often made up of two factors. Knowledge and time. We’ll let you have both of ours to ensure that you pay no more tax than is necessary by understanding both of yours.

Profitability focus

In many cases turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and profit is often based on bespoke factors. We’ll identify your drivers and help you to maintain that focus.


A relatively new concept and we’re experts in the field. A whole new way of raising funds, bypassing banks and often with a double whammy of exposure for your business too. Talk to us about crowdfunding today.

Flexible service, fixed fee

Most of our clients prefer to pay a fixed rate for our services, by monthly direct debit. At the start of each year, we agree a fee with you for the year ahead – and that fee is then split over the coming twelve months.* Simple, convenient and surprise-free.

(*Subject to no significant additional work. Additional work will not be undertaken until you have agreed the fee.)

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What makes you tick?

Good growth accountancy starts with understanding the mechanics of your business, agreeing short- and long-term personal and commercial financial goals, then identifying the market opportunities to achieve them.

Cloud-based technology, down to earth advice

If you want to get the best from your business, you need to know it in real time. Partner with Harland and we’ll give you access to powerful, yet simple-to-use cloud-based and accounting technology and we’ll tell you what all the data means. With up-to-date business information at your fingertips, you’ll see the big picture and be able to keep a handle on cash flow. Clients who use this service find they have a habit of making the right decisions at the right time.